External Fellowships

Fellowship Lists

Thousands of external organizations offer funding opportunities for students pursuing graduate study and it can be difficult to know where to start. OGSAF has compiled several lists* of fellowships/scholarships as a starting point for graduate students seeking additional funding.

Fellowships for Various Academic Subjects Diversity and Inclusion Fellowships Health Science and Policy Fellowships
Humanities and Education Fellowships

International Affairs and Public Policy Fellowships

Study Abroad and Language Learning Fellowships

STEM Fellowships (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)



*Please note that OSGAF does not specifically endorse these opportunities. 

Searching for Additional Funding Opportunities

External fellowship/scholarship opportunities are often advertised through databases and search engines. GW subscribes to a national database, Pivot, for GW graduate students. We recommend that you use specific search terms (e.g., relevant to your background, program of study, career path) when searching to narrow your results. 


Outside of Pivot, we recommend you utilize the various search engines below to discover funding that can support your study and goals while at GW.




Student Scholarship Search

SuperCollege.com's Free Scholarship Search


For International Students
For Undocumented Students