Professional Work

Graduate students may want to pursue professional job opportunities outside of GW to fund their studies. GW offers many career services to students looking for jobs and internships. The Center for Career Services and school specific career centers assist graduate students who seek professional work experience (paid and unpaid). Additionally, information is available for temporary and summer placement, as well as cooperative education. 

School Specific Career Centers


To facilitate the job and internship search for GW students and alumni, the university uses Handshake, the leading career platform at over 400 colleges and more than 200,000 employers, including all Fortune 500 companies. Handshake allows you to discover and favorite jobs at top financial institutions, cutting-edge tech firms, leading design and marketing agencies, nonprofits making the world a better place, and more. You can also receive personal recommendations based on your interests, skills, major, location preferences and search history.

Professional Praxis

Professional Praxis encourages students to make the most of their off-campus career-related job or internship opportunities through self-reflection and analysis of their professional growth. Students will receive transcript documentation in the form of a 0 credit Pass / No Pass course for each semester they participate in the program.International students may participate in the program. 

Tuition Assistance Opportunities

Many larger corporations, as well as the federal government, offer tuition assistance to employees pursuing graduate study. In most cases, your program of study must be related to your career field.