Types of Funding

At the graduate level, there are various types of funding to support your study at GW.


Assistantships are awards that provide graduate students the opportunity to enhance their skills in teaching and/or research at GW. Graduate Assistantships are limited and not available in all departments.


Fellowships at GW and outside of GW offer various means of support through a graduate student's program. 


The Office of Student Financial Assistance administers financial aid to graduate students, including Work Study.

Schools & Departments

Unlike at the undergraduate level, funding at the graduate level at GW is decentralized. This means that schools and departments have their own sources of funding (fellowships and assistantships). These awards are usually made at the time of admission and are limited by program. 

Student Employment

Student employment opportunities are available during an individual's time as a student at GW. These hourly wage positions include all Federal Work Study (FWS) jobs that are with an on-campus department or pre-approved off-campus organization. Visit the Student Employment website for more information.

Tuition Discounts/Matching Awards

Americorps Matching Award


Veterans Affairs (VA) Chapter Benefits

Yellow Ribbon Program