Prospective Students

Cost of Attendance

Graduate tuition is charged per credit hour, unless otherwise noted. Rates vary by program and location. To determine the tuition rate for your program, please visit the Student Accounts Office website and select your school from the list.

Funding Options Available at George Washington University

SCHOOL & DEPARTMENT: These awards make up the vast majority of funding offered from GW. Connect with your school's admissions representative to learn more about the funding available. 

If you are interested in an assistantship position, these are best found through your school or department. Graduate Assistantships (GAs) and Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) are appointed directly by departments, usually at the time of admission. Graduate assistantships are limited and some departments may not have GA positions. Graduate students are encouraged to inquire with their department about GA/GRA position availability. Students may also apply for assistantships outside of their respective department.


OFFICE OF GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS & FELLOWSHIPS (OGSAF): Our office functions separately from the schools on campus, offering a number of fellowships to eligible students. Our fellowships are unique in the sense that you need to submit applications for each one that you would like to be considered for. The OGSAF website is the best place to start to find these awards through the "Funding Search" tab.


EXTERNAL FELLOWSHIPS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Many outside entities offer scholarships for graduate students and students can use databases to identify opportunities they qualify for. GW subscribes to a national database, Pivot, for graduate students. We recommend that you use specific search terms (e.g., relevant to your background, program of study, career path) when searching to narrow your results. Unfortunately, this database needs to be accessed from an on-campus computer as it is a paid service covered by GW. If you are not a current GW student, please use one of the computers on the first floor of the Gelman Library, or check with your current or alumni institution to see if they subscribe.


FINANCIAL AID: The Office of Student Financial Assistance administers the loan and work study opportunities available to GW students. Most loans require U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. International students with an American co-signer may be eligible for some loans. Please visit the website of your intended program to determine if international students in that program are eligible for loans. Although this kind of funding is not handled by this office, we strongly recommend that you fill out a FAFSA in case you still require funds for your education that you cannot find elsewhere.


GW HANDSHAKE: To facilitate the job and internship search for GW students and alumni, the university uses Handshake, the leading career platform at over 400 colleges and more than 200,000 employers. This resource will be accessible once you have established a GW email address and can be used to find off campus internships and professional work opportunities. 


CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT: If you cannot find funding from other sources, you can apply for employment on campus in order to earn a paycheck and in many cases receive a tuition benefits package. Employment opportunities include part-time student jobs (including work study), employment with campus housing, and full or part-time university employment. The pay and benefits differ by position, so please check with potential employers before accepting jobs. University employees may receive tuition remission benefits. Please consult the Office of Human Resource Management and Development for more information about GW employee benefits. Be sure to take note of the time and hours a given job requires, as many positions may not be compatible with full-time graduate level study or class schedules. Please note that international students are typically restricted from working more than 20 hours per week, and may not be eligible for some job opportunities that require U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.

When to Seek Funding

Prospective students should begin applying for fellowships whether you have been admitted to GWU or not, as many of our fellowship deadlines come up before the admissions offices have made their decisions. Many award competitions open in the spring, so students interested in funding (beyond school/department awards which are often offered at the time of admission) for Fall 2023 should begin looking for opportunities in Spring 2023.