Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

Graduate Assistants are graduate students appointed to carry out activities such as teaching, light research, or administrative duties directly related to their programs of study. Graduate Assistants are paid a monthly salary as compensation for their service to the university.  (They additionally may receive a tuition fellowship and/or stipend). To qualify for a graduate assistantship position, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Common Duties of a Graduate Assistant

  • Leading a discussion section,
  • Holding office hours,
  • Preparing or completing research for a course,
  • Tutoring and advising students,
  • Preparing and proctoring exams,
  • Teaching a course or laboratory section,
    • GAs may teach a course once they have served as a GA for one semester and completed the GTAP

  • Writing grant proposals, or
  • Supporting the operation of a laboratory.  

How Can I Become a Graduate Assistant?

Graduate Assistantships are offered directly by departments, usually at the time of admission. Graduate assistantships are limited and some departments may not have GA positions. Graduate students are encouraged to inquire with their department about Graduate Assistantship position availability. Students may also apply for assistantships outside of their respective department. The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships does not offer graduate assistantships and cannot provide students with information about a department's current availability. 

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (GTAP)

Newly-appointed Graduate Assistants must complete the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (GTAP) during their first semester as a graduate assistant. The program is offered each Fall and Spring semester to inform new GAs about GW policy, University resources and teaching strategies. When a student is nominated by their department to serve as a graduate assistant, they will be contacted by GTAP staff with more details about the program.