Humanities and Education Fellowships

Victims of Panam Flight 103 Legacy Award: national security and terrorism prevention

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship: PhD students completing dissertation research related to education

SRCD State Policy Fellowship: post-doctoral fellowship which places developmental scientists in state executive branch agency offices focusing on programs and policies that support children's learning and well-being

Horowitz Foundation Grants: PhD students completing dissertation research related to social policy

Institute of Public Relations Thesis Award: Master's students studying public relations

IPR + TLF Research Fellowship: available to students of Black/African American or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity studying public relations

American Political Science Association Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants: Political Science doctoral students completing basic, empirically-oriented research

National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowship: doctoral students with dissertation research relevant to improving criminal or juvenile justice practice or policy in the United States

Archaeology Program- DDRIG: This program supports doctoral laboratory and field research on archaeologically relevant topics, with the goal of increasing anthropologically focused understanding of the past.  

Biological Anthropology Program- DDRIG: This program supports research on human and non-human primate adaptation, variation and evolution. Awards provide funding up to $25,000 for up to two years.  

Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences Program- DDRI: This program supports basic scientific research about the nature, causes and/or consequences of the spatial distribution of human activity and/or environmental processes across a range of scales.

Linguistics Program- DDRI: This program supports research on human language, including syntax, linguistic semantics and pragmatics, morphology, phonetics, and phonology of individual languages or in general.

Dynamic Language Infrastructure- DDRI: This program supports research on building dynamic language infrastructure, which includes describing languages; digitizing and preserving languages; and developing standards and databases for analyzing languages. 

Cultural Anthropology supplemental research grant provides up to $6,000 per student for research activities.