Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (GTAP)

GTAP was launched in 2002 to inform newly-appointed Graduate Assistants (GAs) on GW policy, University resources and teaching strategies. The GTAP is offered in the Fall and Spring and required for all first time graduate assistants. While the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships (OGSAF) oversees the GTAP, OGSAF does not appoint GAs. Students are nominated directly to the program by departments and/or schools/colleges

(If you are a professor intending to appoint a Graduate Assistant, please contact your Chair or DGS for information on the nomination process.)

Graduate Assistantships are opportunities to learn by doing; to learn how to present yourself and stimulate learning as a professor or trainer, to learn how to do cutting-edge research, and to learn how to work effectively and as a team member.

Newly-appointed GAs enrolled in the GTAP will receive a GTAP Welcome Letter, including information regarding all requirements of the GTAP.

Components of the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (GTAP)

Online Orientation

The GTAP online orientation is asynchronous and held during the summer and winter break. The Orientation's goals are to:

  • Identify university resources that Graduate Assistants can consult for questions about their responsibilities, instructional continuity, interacting with students (both in-person and virtually), and educational technology.
  • Inform GAs on their legal requirements regarding Title IX and Disability Services.
  • Advise GAs on the university's service expectations.
  • Communicate to GAs about the payment process (salary, stipend, tuition) and the available resources.
  • Identify the broad responsibilities of a university instructor.
  • Impart on GAs new to GW to research-based higher education teaching and learning principles.
  • Expose GAs to grading practices.
Oral English Proficiency Screening (OEPS)

Please note this policy is currently under review.

Graduate Assistant Certification Course (UNIV 0250. DE)

The online course is a credit/no-credit course that is not counted towards a student's degree or GPA and is free of charge to teaching assistants. 

If you have any questions about the GTAP, please email the program*. We look forward to assisting you in realizing the full potential of your Graduate Assistantship at the George Washington University!

*(The GTAP does not appoint Graduate Assistants, this occurs at the School/College/Departmental level.)