George and May Shiers Memorial Fund Fellowship

Deadline: February 15, 2024
Thu, 15 February, 2024 12:00am

The George and May Shiers Memorial Fund Fellowship supports research and related activities concerning any aspect of electronic media and telecommunications and associated technologies such as history, technical aspects including innovation and public policy developments.

Stipend awards of up to $5,000 can be utilized to support research and/or defray the cost of travel to seminars, archives and collections or events as related to the purpose of this fellowship for Spring 2024, Summer 2024, Fall 2024 or Spring 2025.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant's work should focus on some aspect of the history or policy concerning electronic media or telecommunications.
  • Applicants must still be enrolled as a graduate student at the time when they would use the award
  • Applicants must be enrolled in the following Columbian College of Arts and Science (CCAS) schools or programs: Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration (TSPPPA), the School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA), and the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (History, Economics, Political Science or American Studies).

Students in a benefited (staff) position at GW are not eligible.


Application Requirements

  • Application
  • Essay: In a one to two page essay, please expand on your research plan and how it relates to the history or policy of electronic media or telecommunication. If you are planning to attend a conference or activity that will inform your research or academic program as related to media, please justify your attendance at the event.
  • Budget


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