GA and GRA Payments, Sick Time and General Award Information

All Graduate Assistants (GAs and GRAs) are paid a graduate salary. Some GAs also receive stipend fellowships and/or tuition fellowships. These fellowships do not require additional service and are merit awards.

  • Assistantship awards are usually made for the full academic year (but can also be one semester only). Responsibilities vary among departments, but work must average no more than 20 hours per week
  • Assistantship salary payments may vary by school and department.
    • Assistantship salary checks are issued on the last business day of each month, beginning on the first day of a month and ending on the last day of a month.
    • Checks can be electronically deposited in a U.S. bank or mailed to a student’s local address if direct deposit is not set up.

Graduate Assistants must be enrolled for the number of credits required by their awards for the entire award period. Other conditions may exist for your award; if the requirements are not met, stipend and salary payments and tuition awards can be jeopardized. Please note that by University Policy, stipend checks can only be released if the recipient is enrolled.

All questions on payments should be directed to your awarding office. Your awarding office is indicated by the contact information listed at the bottom of your award letter. If you do not have an award letter please contact the department that has appointed you as soon as possible. If any problems cannot be resolved contact [email protected].

It is extremely important to set up the electronic deposits with GW for your salary and/or stipend. Please review the guide for information on setting up a direct deposit for salary and/or stipend at GW.

A salary is payment for the work you provide to the university. All GAs should have received award letters from their awarding department, stating their salaries for the term of service. Salaries are paid monthly over the semester(s) of service and are transferred electronically via direct deposit to GAs' personal bank accounts on the last business day of the month. If you have never worked for the University, you must complete the I-9 Employment Verification.

Section I is completed online and Section II is completed with Faculty and Staff Services Center. You can contact Faculty and Staff Services by emailing [email protected] or calling 202-994-8500.

A stipend is awarded to cover living expenses, requires no services and is a merit award intended to support your academic study. Stipends are paid monthly and are transferred via direct deposit to GAs personal bank accounts on or by the first business day of the month. 

Tuition fellowships are applied directly to your GW account. A tuition award covers all or part of the cost of tuition. If you have been awarded one, it will be entered into the Banner system by authorized University staff and roll to your student account after you have registered for the required number of credits. If you receive a bill for tuition and you think you should not, you should contact your awarding office. Most awards do not cover fees.

If you have questions about taxes related to your salary and/or stipend, please contact the GW Tax Department.

Sick time provides GAs with paid time off to take care of their basic health and safety needs as well as those of their family members.

Sick time begins accruing on the date of your appointment and any accrued but unused sick time can be used during the appointment period with manager approval. Accrued sick time is credited on the last working day of each month and may not be used prior to its actual accrual.

GAs and GRAs accrue sick time at a rate of 2.25 hours each month up to 20 hours per year and can carry over up to their maximum annual accrual of sick time each year.

Sick Time is tracked via Kronos.

Sick time policy information is in the Time Off and Leave Guide.

Please refer only to the sick time sections specific to Graduate Assistants, beginning on page 11. You can also contact Benefits at [email protected] for questions related to sick time.