Recent Announcements

The GTAP is seeking a graduate student to assist in the teaching of UNIV 0250, a one credit online course that provides foundational training for new GW graduate assistants. This 20-hour per week position involves facilitating online discussions, grading and providing feedback on assignments, and assisting with other duties as needed. 

More information is included in the attachment.

Research Professor Sharon Squassoni is seeking a part-time graduate research assistant (10-20 hrs/week) through February 2022 to work on the Nuclear Boundaries Initiative project, supported by the MacArthur Foundation.  Hours are flexible, but good writing, a good attitude, and good organizational skills are essential.  Topics of research will include developments in nuclear energy and their impact on nuclear weapons proliferation and climate change; US policy on advanced nuclear reactors; US-South Korean nuclear energy (including fuel cycle) cooperation; lessons learned by North Korea and Iran in nuclear negotiations and potentially some research on verification topics related to the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.  The ideal research assistant does not need to work on all those issues and will not be an expert in any or all of those issue but does need to be curious and enterprising.


Interested students, please send your CV/Resume and a brief cover letter to Christine Gilbert.

U.S. Student Fulbright Program Finalists!

We are pleased to announce our 2021-22 U.S. Student Fulbright Program Finalists:

  • Hannah Hoffman, Rwanda (Master's Candidate, Management); English Teaching Assistantship
  • Jonathan LoTempio, European Union (Doctoral Candidate, Geonomics and Bioinformatics); Separated at birth: 21st century science diplomacy in the EU and US, with an eye to Africa
  • Neerja Vashist, India (Doctoral Candidate, Genomics and Bioinformatics); Influence of Testosterone on Early Brain Development
  • Clare Van Shaik, South Korea (Master's Candidate, Curriculum and Instruction); English Teaching Assistantship

2021-22 Boren Fellowship Recipients

  • Amanda Byrne, (MA Candidate, Security Policy Studies) Jordon, Arabic
  • Dayne Feehan, (MA Candidate, Asian Studies) South Korea, Korean
  • Matthew Geason, (MA Candidate, Asian Studies) Taiwan, Mandarin
  • Marcel Kalenga, (MA Candidate, Security Policy Studies) Jordan, Arabic
  • Maria Torres, (MA Candidate, European and Eurasian Studies) Czech Republic, Czech

GW was also recognized as a top producer of Boren recipients for 2021-22!

Summer 2021 Recipients
  • Natalie Horton, Bachelor of Arts Candidate: Asian Studies, Korean 
  • Bianca Trifoi, Doctoral Candidate: History, Korean
  • Siagian, Yosua, Bachelor of Arts Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic
  • Shafer, Rachel: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic
  • Brophy, Shannon: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic    
  • Dodt, Kimberly: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic
  • Ahmed, Shabnam: Master's of Public Health Candidate: Global Health, Persian
  • Dastan, Sadaf: Master's Candidate: International Affairs, Persian
  • Raymond, Elad: Bachelor of Arts Candidate: International Affairs, Arabic 
  • Adly, Tariq: Doctoral Candidate: Anthropology, Arabic
  • Bivins, Alyssa: Doctoral Candidate: History, Arabic
  • Dolan, Thomas: Doctoral Candidate: American Studies, Arabic
  • Quadri, Zaynab: Doctoral Candidate: American Studies, Arabic


Academic Year 2021 Recipients
  • Alam, Tahreem: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies,    Arabic        
  • Bivins, Alyssa: Doctoral Candidate: History, Arabic
  • Dastan, Sadaf: Master's Candidate: International Affairs, Persian
  • Dodt, Kimberly: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic    
  • Heavner, Jenna: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies, Arabic    
  • Jones, Keylee: Master's Candidate: Public Administration, Arabic
  • Moghadam, Cyrus: Master's Candidate: International Affairs, Arabic
  • Monk, Cayla: Master's Candidate: Security Policy, Arabic    
  • Wilcox, Orion: Master's Candidate: Middle East Studies,  Arabic
  • Steven Borek: Master's Candidate: Asian Studies, Korean 
  • Isabelle Brito: Master's Candidate: Asian Studies, Korean  
  • Paul Burdette: Master's Candidate: International Affairs: Chinese
  • Edith Conn: Master's Candidate: International Affairs: Japanese
  • Andrew Hartnett: Master's Candidate: Asian Studies, Chinese 
  • Mimi MacKilligan: Master's Candidate: International Affairs: Japanese
  • Jeremy Rausch: Master's Candidate: Asian Studies, Chinese 

Congratulations to GW's 2021-22 Presidential Fellows, who are profiled in GW Today.

The National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) awards exemplarly graduate students in areas of STEM disciplines who are enrolled in research-based graduate degrees.

This year, GW is proud to announce two NSF GFRP recipients:

  • RyeAnne Ricker, Doctoral Candidate; Biomedical Engineering
  • Sarah Beethe, Bachelors of Science; Geological Sciences

Two graduate students were also recognized with honorable mentions:

  • Claire Charpentier, Doctoral Candidate; Biomedical Sciences: Neuroscience
  • Megan Anderson, Doctoral Candidate; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

More about GW's recipients and their research is featured in GW Today.

Congratulations to our Wolcott Foundation Fellowship Recipients: 

  • Laura Hillard (Master's Candidate, International Education Policy)
  • Elka Chan (Master's Candidate, Internatoinal Affairs)
  • Chrisian Spencer (Master's Candidate, International Affairs)
  • Brevon Anderson (Master's Candidate, International Affairs)

Wolcott awards are designed to encourage young scholars with outstanding academic, civic, and social credentials to pursue public service careers.

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion summer program for American students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities. 

This year, we're proud to announce our 2021-22 GW graduate student winners: 

Dayne Feehan, (Master's Candidate, Asian Studies) Korean

Shabnam Ahmed, (Master's Candidate, Global Health Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation) Persian

For the second year in a row, GW has placed among the top research institutions. Read more about this recent achievement in GW Today!

2021-22 Cosmos Scholars Award Recipients 

The Cosmos Scholars Award is a local opportunity that provides funding to meet specific research needs not covered by other supporting funds. Congratulations to our GW graduate students!

  • Sultan Alamer (Doctoral Candidate), Political Science: "Minorities without Majorities: Nation-Building and Sectarianism in the Arabian Peninsula"
  • Kelsey Hauser (Doctoral Candidate), Biological Sciences: "Through thick and skin: Defining the antifungal roles of cutaneous granulocytes in the face of amphibian declines"
  • Christopher Hossack (Doctoral Candidate), Chemistry: "Using Lanthanide Luminescence to Design Better Quantum Computers"-Neilom Foundation Meritorious Award in Technology and Society-
  • Debbie Ledezma (Doctoral Candidate), Biomedical Sciences: "Interstitial photothermal therapy as a novel strategy to treat neuroblastoma"
  • Yaprak Ozakman (Doctoral Candidate), Biological Sciences: "Deciphering How Host Immune Response Shapes Mycobacterial Evolution"
  • Abbey Yatsko (Doctoral Candidate), Biological Sciences: "If a tree rots in the forest: Linking deadwood decay to greenhouse gas emissions"

Robert Hildebrandt (PhD Candidate, Anthropology) has been awarded funding from the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Abroad Program.

The FHDDRA offers grants to universities to support doctoral students who propose to conduct research abroad in modern foreign languages and area studies. The mission of the FHDDRA is to develop a deeper understanding in research areas of the world that are less commonly included in the U.S. curriculum. 

Mr. Hildebandt will travel to Israel next August for research for his dissertation: "Valuing Women's Work - Female Palestinian Citizens of Israel's Changing Labor Strategies and Gender Performance in Jisr al-Zarqa."

Congratulations to our 2021-22 Policy Studies Endowment Graduate Fellowship Recipients:


  • Emma Northcott, Doctoral Candidate (Public Policy & Administration)
  • Ashley Karraro, Doctoral Candidate (Education Policy)